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г. Минск, ул. Орловская, 66
схема проезда

Справочно-диспетчерская служба:
+375 (17) 233-42-72
+375(17) 335-52-15

Training center (on a functional basis)


  • development of training programs, educate specialists in new technologies for resuscitation and intensive care for newborn;
  • development, testing and implementation of modern evidence-based and effective technologies in anesthesiology and intensive care of newborn;

Opportunities for students in the training center

  • increasing the level of professional training of medical specialists and nurses using advanced educational and simulation technologies;
  • development of practical skills in a realistic working environment with high-tech equipment;
  • participation in rounds, consultations, discussion of clinical situations;
  • participation in scientific and practical conferences, trainings, round tables and other events (including on-line) as part of the professional education of medical workers.

Medical Director of Clinical Division: Aksana Svirskaya, MD, PhD – tel +375173579942

Head of Training Center: Dzimtry Sankovec, MD– tel +375173579859