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г. Минск, ул. Орловская, 66
схема проезда

Справочно-диспетчерская служба:
+375 (17) 233-42-72
+375(17) 335-52-15



  • providing high-tech medical care for newborns, including preterm with extremely low birth weight;

Treatment and diagnostic capabilities:

  • Close to intrauterine life conditions for preterms babies. Constant control of the environment temperature and humidity level, noise level control;
  • Modern incubators with noise and bright light protection;
  • Various types of respiratory support (non-invasive ventilation (NIPPV, CPAP, HFNC, nHFO), invasive ventilation (CMV, HFO);
  • Therapeutic hypothermia for patients with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy;
  • Invasive vital functions monitoring;
  • A wide range of non-invasive monitoring (capnography, tissue oximetry, transcutaneous blood gas analysis, aEEG with video recording, transcutaneous bilirubinometry);
  • Surfactant replacement therapy using minimally invasive methods (InSurE, LISA);
  • Phototherapy with the ability to measure the wavelength and radiation power;
  • Breastfeeding-friendly ICU system;
  • Providing long-term therapeutic nutrition with specialized formula, long parenteral nutrition;
  • ROP screening. Surgical ROP treatment (together with ophthalmologists);
  • Ultrasound screening of patients with intracranial hemorrhage. Subgaleal bypass surgery (together with neuro surgeons);
  • Echocardiographic screening. Surgical closure of PDA (together with cardiac surgeons);
  • Ultrasound and X-ray examinations, MRI and CT;
  • Rapid assessment of glucose, bilirubin and electrolytes levels, others biochemical parameters, ABG from a small amount of blood;
  • Parents-friendly NICU environment, video broadcast when patient visit is impossible.

Medical Director of Clinical Division: Aksana Svirskaya, MD, PhD – tel +375173579942

Head of NICU: Maksim Boidak, MD– tel +375173579859